Planning to move houses, but you’ve got a pet? Of course you’ll be able to take your beloved animal with you to your brand new home, and embark on a whole new series of adventures with them!

So, what’s the best way to handle pets when you’re moving homes? Thankfully, the team at New Zealand Movers have over 40 years of experience in moving households with pets and are experts in the field. Let’s discuss how to move homes when you have pets:

Choosing a home that accommodates for your pet

Before you sign the lease of your new place, ensure that it’s suitable for your pet or, if not, can be easily altered to accommodate for your pet. This might include fenced-off backyards for dogs or an appropriate amount of space for your cats.

Packing the home

Packing the home can present a challenge for homeowners with pets. Pets can often become excitable or anxious when the home is being packed up, as they can sense that there’s a big change coming!

Cats, in particular, aren’t big fans of change. It’s a good idea to keep cats, along with skittish dogs, in a familiar room which you’re intending to pack up last. This way, they won’t be as affected by watching the whole house being packed up, and they won’t try to run away while your movers and packers are in action.

Keeping them at a friend’s house

If this method isn’t feasible (studio apartments, for example), then you can always politely ask a friend to look after your fur baby for the day. This can make the transition a lot easier, since they’ll have someone to occupy them and comfort them while you pack up the home.

Acclimatising pets to their crates

Moving to a different city? Your pet will most likely be spending time in a crate. Pets need time to acclimatise to their crates, since many haven’t spent too much time within one. Start by placing their favourite treat in the crate to help with positive association. Then, you can place their meals inside the crate and let them eat, but have the door closed. Finally, try carrying them around the house inside their crate, or take a short drive. This will help reduce their stress during the long journey to their new home.

New Zealand Movers are specialists in moving homes with pets. They understand the significance of moving homes as a pet owner, and do everything to make the move a comfortable and stress-free one. New Zealand Movers can help you and your fur baby get settled in your brand home, whether you’re on the North Island, South Island, or somewhere across the globe. Grab a quote from the friendly team today!


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