Moving homes can seem like a big task – especially if you’re right at the start of the process. But the truth is, with the right game-plan, moving homes is a simple, straightforward process which we’re confident you’ll succeed in.

Here, the expert moving company, New Zealand Movers, outlines 10 easy steps to prepare your move, breaking up that hill into small, achievable stages.

1. Make a timeline

Outline each task in a calendar so that you can visualise the timeline of your move. This will help reaching your goals on time.

2. Start purging your belongings

Moving house is the perfect chance to get rid of some items you simply don’t use or need anymore. You can start doing this weeks or even months ahead of the move.

3. Rug cleaning

If you’ve got rugs and carpets that haven’t been cleaned in a while, it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned before moving house. Don’t transfer all that dust and dirt from your old home to your new one!

4. Hire your movers

Hire your movers early. Good quality movers tend to book out quickly, so it’s best to hire your preferred movers at least six weeks before moving day.

5. Cleaning the new home

Before you’ve got the obstructions of furniture and personal belongings in your new home, it’s certainly smart to clean it while it’s empty. This allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies with ease.

6. Schedule utilities for the new place

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve absolutely had a successful move and when you go to turn the lights on in your new place, nothing happens. Schedule utilities well before moving day.

7. Pack an essentials bag

Not everything in your home will be going into the moving van. Keep your essentials like medications, phone, wallet, keys, etc. in a separate bag to take with you.

8. Make the most of services offered by your moving company

Enlist some help with packing and unpacking if your moving company can do this for you. New Zealand Movers offer packing, unpacking, storage and pet transport to make your life easier.

9. Notifying change of address

Now it’s time to spread the word about your change of address. Inform your government services, friends, family, utility providers and any other stakeholders that you’re moving homes.

10. Making your house a home

Your furniture is all set up and it’s time to unpack while making your house a home. Light a candle, place your photos around the house, and treat yourself to some new houseplants.

New Zealand Movers can help you move from A to B in an easy, stress-free way. The team at New Zealand Movers have high quality equipment and experienced staff, moving you across the street or across the world. Grab yourself a quote and book in quick!


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