Moving overseas? There are plenty of reasons to do it. Whether we’re seeking a better environment for family life, have the opportunity for the perfect career move, or simply craving a change, moving overseas is a sure way to achieve these goals.

But for the move to be successful, you’ve got to be prepared. It’s a good thing, then, that you’re in the right place! The team at New Zealand Movers are the nation’s most experienced in international relocations. Let’s take a look at what you need to know when moving overseas.

Making yourself comfortable

Possibly the greatest factor in determining the success of your move is comfort – in other words, how comfortable you make yourself when settling into your new country. Moving overseas is quite a big change, and it can be difficult to settle in if you’re not totally comfortable. The best way to make yourself comfortable in the initial stages of the move is to surround yourself in a familiar environment, with your own furniture, clothes, appliances, and other belongings. By being comfortable in your new country, you’ll feel more confident and prepared for the entire experience.

Asking a local’s opinion

It’s a fantastic idea to reach out to locals in your new city and get their opinions. You may even find Kiwi expats who are in a similar position to you regarding age, children, profession, etc. So, how do you ask a local’s opinion if you don’t know any locals yet? Facebook groups are a valuable resource when it comes to gaining opinions of others who also stood in your place. In many cities across the world there are Kiwi and Aussie expat groups which can provide a wealth of good opinions on suburbs to live in, schools, job-hunting and more.

Organising employment before or after arrival?

One thing to ascertain before moving is your employment situation. Whether you’re being relocated via your current workplace or you’re looking for work when you arrive, both options are perfectly feasible. If you’re moving without employment pre-arranged, then you should reach out to other expats in your industry and find out how difficult it is to secure a job.

Moving overseas with children

Moving overseas with children is something many Kiwi families do – it’s not only an enriching experience for the parents, but also for kids. While it requires a little more preparation in terms of finding great schools and family-friendly neighbourhoods, with the right team of movers, the job gets a lot easier!

Coordinating the move with the right moving team

New Zealand Movers have helped to move countless Kiwi families, couples, and singles overseas. Priding themselves on a professional service at affordable prices, New Zealand Movers have experience in relocations across all continents of the globe. Get in touch for a quote today.

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