If we have issues with a drain, we call a plumber. Even if we could fix the problem ourselves, the plumber is the expert and will resolve the issue much faster than we could; the same goes if we need our pants to be hemmed. We could probably do it ourselves, but a professional seamstress will do a much better job in a shorter amount of time.

So, when moving house, it’s a no brainer to leave the packing up to the professionals. New Zealand Movers share 5 reasons to choose a packing service to make your move stress-free.

1) They use professional materials

Forget about stalking your local grocery store to get your hands on some subpar boxes which are usually too small or too large. By choosing a professional packing service your movers will use an array of packaging materials of all shapes and sizes to best protect your belongings. Staff are educated with the latest packing techniques and a good removalist company will be environmentally conscious by recycling, re-using materials to put your mind ease.

2) They prioritise important items so you aren’t left without

Choosing a packing service isn’t just convenient – it’s clever. It’s not their first time packing up a house; they’re highly experienced and they know all the tricks of the trade. When you pack your house by yourself you may not be as systematic and don’t prioritise like the experts do. The pros will make priority boxes with important items like remote controls, bed legs and toothbrushes. This means you’ll be able to locate things that are needed straight away.

3) Saves money

Think about it, if you take time off work to pack your belongings up, are you really saving money? You’ve already got enough to think about with the move, work and possibly school commitments. It can all become a little overwhelming. Plus, when you purchase insurance, you’ll be covered if something goes wrong in the move, so you won’t personally be out of pocket. When you invest in a professional packing service, everything is taken care for you, meaning that your dollar goes further than if you took time off work to plan it all yourself. The logistics are arranged, a purpose-built fleet is included and all the best loading equipment is used.

4) Avoid injury

Moving is already mentally exhausting, so why not avoid the physical stress. Investing in a packing service means you don’t have to subject yourself to the physical labour of packing your items, even if it’s just packing boxes you can still injure yourself. The professionals are taught how to correctly pack and move items to ensure items are packed correctly, without injury.

5) To keep your clothes clean and crease free

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop when you move. You’ll have all the same commitments. So, it’s paramount you take cheeky short cuts when you can. A packing service allows you to keep crease-free your clothes that were hung nicely on their hangers. This means your clothing will be ready to wear once you arrive at your new house and you won’t have any washing or ironing to redo on top of everything else.

Investing in professional packers is smart, but also economical. It gives you the freedom to focus on some of the positive aspects of moving like decorating your new house, or searching for your new gym.

New Zealand Movers are the experts at moving, with over 40 years’ experience in the game. They specialise in intercity, long distance and even international moves. They pride themselves on a professional, affordable service, offering full-scale moves with packing and storage to take all the hard work out of moving. Get a quote from New Zealand Movers today.

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