There are heaps of professional movers who can pack your belongings for you. Some are unable to take on the responsibility, but those who are, are adept at the art of packing in such a way as to mitigate the risk of damage or loss. They know that by taking on a task which may appear immense for you, they are able to ensure a smoother and more efficient move. In short, movers who pack for you are probably the only movers you want to deal with.


Some Movers Can Insure Your Belongings

One big reason movers are willing to take on the responsibility of packing is that it also mitigates risk on their side. A professional moving company will use high-quality packing material, they know the best packing methods and because of this, it is easier to insure your belongings during the course of the move. Many moving companies will offer you moving insurance and those who don’t can point you in the direction of a good third-party insurer. If you choose to use a third-party insurer, and if your moving company doesn’t pack for you, your insurance coverage may be limited.


Packing For International Moves

The importance of using a moving company who will pack for you is ten-fold when you are moving internationally. Your belongings are at greater risk because of not only the distance and form of transport but also the fact that your belongings may be subject to more handling. Your furniture and boxes will go from the truck to the container and then into your new house. Movers who pack for you will take even more precautions in order to keep your belongings safe.


High-Quality Packing Materials

When you’re looking for a mover who will pack for you, you want to make sure that they are using high-quality packing material. Most do, but you need to know what you’re paying for.


Good moving companies will use:

  • Reinforced boxes
  • Custom sized boxes for items such as TVs and electronics, clothing, artwork and more.
  • Polystyrene inserts
  • Heavy-duty foam wrap and bubble wrap
  • Heavy-duty plastic wrap or bags to cover your furniture
  • Thick furniture blankets
  • Custom made crates


Packing Techniques

Moving companies take all manner of things into account. Because of their experience, they are able to foresee any potential problems and mitigate risks. They will ensure boxes aren’t too heavy and where there are heavy boxes, they will be packed strategically in order to not squash and damage other boxes and fragile items. Movers also have the superhuman ability to pack their trucks in such a way that there are no gaps and thus less potential for items to shift around.

Movers who pack your belongings are worth the additional cost because without them there may be a higher risk of damage or loss to your belongings. The bonus is that insurance is easier to procure. New Zealand movers are pros at packing and wrapping your belongings and we offer moving insurance. For more information, get in touch today.

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