The word ‘essential’ is one of those words that 2020 has got hold of and simply won’t let go. It’s basically the modern equivalent of 2010’s ‘awesomesauce’. Thankfully, that’s over, right? It’s been the year of essential work, essential travel and essential activity and, essentially, we’re probably all a bit tired of the term.

If you’re moving houses during COVID-19, however, we’ve got some good news: movers and packers are essential workers. I repeat, they are. And there are a few different reasons for this:

They’re there for you in a crisis.

Say something happens to your house, like a fire or flood affects its liveability. Or you experience a domestic crisis which renders your home unsafe. You can’t live there safely anymore, so your moving company comes in to save the day. But instead of wearing flashy capes, they wear hi-vis shirts. Also, they can’t fly.

Not everybody can move on their own.
In fact, most of us can’t. If you’ve seen some of the junk I’ve hoarded in my garage, you’ll see why. On a serious note, if you live remotely, or alone, or live with a physical or mental disability, then it’s safe to say that you require some extra assistance in moving houses. Guess who’s here to help? You’re most-trusted moving company.

Not all moves are flexible.

We’ve all heard the saying “you gotta do what you gotta do.” Sometimes moving houses is one of those things you just gotta do. You may be moving to take care of a loved one or to start a new job in a new place as an essential worker (there’s that word again). But regardless of whether your move is based on a life-changing circumstance like that, or you’re just getting tired of your salmon pink wallpaper (yuck), your moving company can help you out during COVID-19.

Navigating what you can and can’t do within COVID-safe guidelines has been a tricky task. One minute you have to wear a mask, the next minute you don’t: one minute you can stand up in the pub, the next minute you can’t! But no matter how confusing the rules are, you can count on the fact that if you need to move houses, your moving company will be able to help you. But call them first to check. And don’t say the word ‘essential’.

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