There aren’t many cities in the world that are as stunning or interesting as Dunedin. With its breathtaking architecture, creative and lively atmosphere and natural surroundings, Dunedin has something for everybody. If you’re still not convinced, however, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll look at some of our top reasons to call Dunedin home and who to get in touch with if you’re thinking of moving there.

1) Quaint architecture

The architecture in Dunedin is like nowhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. There aren’t many cities where you can walk the streets and not be sure whether you’re in a quaint city in Scotland, or on New Zealand’s South Island. There are many Victorian and Edwardian buildings that add to Dunedin’s particularly Scottish feel. Just take a look at the Dunedin Railway Station… it’s worth moving there simply to look at that thing.

2) Creative vibes

If you’re a creative person who loves books, music and art, then Dunedin is probably the best city for you. In 2014, Dunedin became a UNESCO Creative City of Literature due to the number of famous writers who’ve honed their craft in Dunedin. The creative vibes in Dunedin are felt strongly, with plenty of writer’s workshops, seminars and theatre performances taking place on the reg.

3) Nature

Love nature? You’ll feel right at home in Dunedin. Just a short drive from the city you’ll find the world’s only mainland breeding colony of royal albatross – a truly special experience. Not only this, but the Yellow Eyed penguin is one of the world’s rarest breeds, which you’ll also be able to spot! Not to mention fur seals, sea lions and blue penguins too.

4) Green city

Dunedin is one of the most eco-friendly cities in New Zealand. They make use of waste reduction and recycling programs with the aim to make Dunedin completely carbon-zero by 2030. That’s not too far away! Businesses here often have an eco-friendly outlook, so you can shop around and feel good about it too.

5) Extreme sports

If books and art aren’t your vibe, that’s completely fine! Dunedin has something that’s more up your alley. While people in Dunedin love books, they’re also thrill-seekers. It’s one of New Zealand’s closest cities to the adventure region of Queenstown. Fancy a day of bungee jumping or white-water rafting? When you live in Dunedin, it’s all possible.

Dunedin sounds like a pretty cool place, right? We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s even better in person! If you’re keen to make the move to Dunedin, get in touch with New Zealand Movers today. They move folk like you to Dunedin and other cities every day. For a stress-free and reliable move, talk to the team at New Zealand Movers.

Five Reasons To Move To Dunedin