It’s a city of nature, culture and incredible spirit. There are hundreds of reasons to make the move to Christchurch. As the largest city on the South Island, you can live a North Island lifestyle without the North Island price tag. A modern, progressive city, people in Christchurch enjoy great food and drink while being surrounded by natural beauty everywhere. Let’s go through our top five reasons to move to Christchurch and who to call if you want a little help getting there.

1) Affordability

So many people have been driven away from the North Island by the insane house prices. The South Island has a different story. It’s hard to find something worth the money in the cities of Auckland and Wellington, and house prices are rising in smaller cities like Hamilton and Tauranga. But in Christchurch, the cost of living is noticeably cheaper, and you’ll be sure to find something you love at an affordable price.

2) Plenty of work

You need a job to be able to move somewhere. Fortunately, in Christchurch, the job market is absolutely booming. If you work in construction or IT in particular, Christchurch is calling your name. There are plenty of other areas where Christchurch is top of the list in employment growth. A good place to start – look around on job websites! See what Christchurch has to offer for you.

3) Big city life

So, theoretically, when you move to the South Island, you have to trade off the ‘big city’ perks, right? Not at all. In Christchurch, you’ve got state of the art educational facilities, hospitals and an international airport. Now, throw in the other perks of a modern city like arts and entertainment, great food and drink and a bustling nightlife. What else could you possibly need?

4) Cuisine

Christchurch has some of New Zealand’s best food and drink. Wine bars, trendy cafes, cuisines from around the globe… there isn’t much you can’t get your hands on in Christchurch. Arts and food are thoroughly entwined in Christchurch, with local creatives using their artistic flair to spruce up many eateries here.

5) Nature vibes

Christchurch is basically synonymous with ‘the great outdoors’. With rivers, beaches and mountains, there’s something outdoorsy for everybody in Christchurch. Taylor’s Mistake is a popular spot for surfers, who then drive up to Sumner for a sesh of snowboarding, possibly on the same day. How cool is that?!

So, are you ready to make the move to Christchurch? We bet you are! First, you’ll be needing a little help from an A-grade moving company like New Zealand Movers. They move people just like you into the city of Christchurch all the time, so they’re seasoned professionals at it. With great rates and great service, call up New Zealand Movers for a quote today.

Five Reasons To Move To Christchurch