Mountains, rivers and lakes, stunning cities with unique atmospheres, globally top-ranked universities need we say more about the Otago region? Otago is one of the most beautiful and liveable regions in New Zealand, so there’s no wonder why you’re contemplating moving there. Today, we’ll set you on the right path and outline five top reasons to move to Otago.


Otago is basically synonymous with ‘fantastic education’. The facilities in Otago are some of the world’s best for education: The University of Otago, in Dunedin, consistently ranks within the top 1% of universities in the world. Dunedin is known as a student town, with many kiwis and international students flocking to the beautiful city to get their degrees.

Family life

Family life in Otago is simply a dream. It’s perfect for all ages, from young ones to grandparents. Otago is a great place to raise children with many great primary and high schools, like Mount Aspiring School in Wanaka and King’s High School in Dunedin.

As you could imagine, Weekends are never dull – especially if you choose to live in Queenstown – the adventure capital of New Zealand – or close to it.


Otago is a particularly great region to live in if you’re in education, tourism, technology, or any creative fields. Dunedin, for example, became a UNESCO Creative City of Literature in 2014, so if you’re an aspiring novelist, writer, or simply a book lover, your skills will be welcomed in Otago. Likewise, tourism is a huge part of the region. Adventure sports in Queenstown draws a massive amount of tourists each year, as do nature-based holidays in the region. And, as education is such an integral part of the region, teachers and university lecturers are always in high demand.

Housing prices

If the house prices on the North Island are getting to you, it’s time to check out Otago. While the median house price in Auckland is around $1.25mil in the Otago region, it is $721,000 – almost half that of Auckland. Moving to Otago is not only great for your family but great for your wallet too.


As humans, we crave being close to nature. Whether you’re a full-on outdoor adventure type who loves nothing more than camping, hiking, and water-skiing or have a more casual relationship with nature, Otago is the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city and appreciate the great outdoors.

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