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New Zealand has strong family and business links with the United Kingdom, and there are now more people than ever moving to the UK from NZ.

We have a long history of shipping to the United Kingdom, as there are many New Zealanders who can trace their ancestry back to England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. The United Kingdom is our second largest destination for shipping from New Zealand.

There is always a steady flow of British citizens returning home, usually taking the contents of their home with them. The UK is also a popular destination for young Kiwis on the ‘OE’, shipping excess luggage and small cartons.

Over the last 42 years New Zealand Movers have moved thousands of people to the UK from Aotearoa and are regarded as the international moving experts. Request a quote today by completing the form below for a fast, competitive service or call our friendly team on: 0800 000 022


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Moving Services to the UK

With the large volume of shipments heading to the United Kingdom we are able to offer the following reliable and regular ‘door-to-door’ moving services at competitive pricing.

Sea freight in a sole use 20′ or 40′ shipping container
The fast way to move all your belongings if you have a full household and maybe a car to ship.
Sea freight in a shared container
This is the easiest and most economical way to transport a smaller shipment or even just a few cartons.
Air freight carton service

The quick way to move a few boxes or a very small consignment that you need to have with you straight away.

For shipments to the UK, we provide an excellent, fast, regular service – just what you’d expect from a market leader.

UK Moving Destinations

We have the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland covered, including the big cities of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Swansea, Belfast and Dublin and the beautiful and historic places such as Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, York, The Lake District, Aberdeen, Cork … the list goes on.

We can also deliver those more unusual destinations such as the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands and the Hebrides.  Wherever you are relocating to in the UK, we can take you there.

The United Kingdom is also used as a gateway to other European mainland destinations for shared container shipments. Through our network of trusted agents, we can provide you with a seamless move to anywhere in Europe through the UK.

If you’re moving from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin to anywhere in the United Kingdom, New Zealand Movers team are ready to help. Complete the quote form on this page for a free, no obligation quotation to the UK.

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Move to the UK from NZ

When moving to the United Kingdom there is some key information you should know. If you are not a British or EC citizen you will require a visa to live and work there. In order to import your household goods into the United Kingdom you will be required to complete an online application and declaration form ToR1  (Transfer of Residence application) and provide a copy of your passport.

Used household goods and personal effects can be imported into the United Kingdom free of duty and tax so long as you are moving your normal home to the EC, have had your normal home outside the EC for a continuous period of at least 12 months, have used your goods for at least six months before importing them, and will retain the goods for your own personal use. All alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are subject to duty and tax regardless of quantity. Your shipment cannot arrive more than 6 months before your own arrival to the UK or 12 months after your arrival to the UK.

Depending on the method of shipping we can advise the following approximate door-to-door transit times. These times are based on an average and given as a guide to assist you in your planning. The transit time for shared containers can vary and are subject to having enough shipments to fill a container.

  • Sole Use Container: Approximately 6-8 weeks
  • Shared Container: Approximately 8-12 weeks
  • Air freight: 1-2 weeks

It is our recommendation that we professionally pack your goods. We use the best materials available and employ the best techniques to ensure your goods arrive safely. We also have a variety of speciality cartons, purpose-designed for items such as flat screen TVs, golf clubs, hanging clothes, bikes, and artwork. We also custom-build wooden crates for fragile and precious items such as pianos.

Piano Crate Protection

Every single item moving will be packaged in some form, thus if it is not packed inside a carton it will be export wrapped. Once packed, all goods will be numbered with a label sticker and recorded on a removal inventory. Whilst it is our recommendation that we pack your goods it is not mandatory, you are welcome to pack some or all of your goods yourself. We can assist you in this process by providing you with our packing materials and a handy packing guide.

We have storage services available in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Storage costs in the United Kingdom can be somewhat more expensive than here in New Zealand. The advantage of storing in the UK is that when you are ready to receive your goods they can be delivered quite quickly. Whereas if you store them in New Zealand, you will have to plan around shipping transit and wait for their arrival. On the other hand, if you are not sure whether your stay in the UK is going to be a permanent one we are able to store your goods here in New Zealand until you are ready to make your decision. This can reduce unnecessary shipping costs if you change your mind.

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It is very important to consider the protection of your goods during relocation to the United Kingdom as there is always an element of risk. Peace of mind is paramount, thankfully, we are able to offer a range of comprehensive insurance options to ensure your personal possessions are well covered should the unlikely happen. You are in good hands with our policies being underwritten by Vero marine, one of the world’s largest and most reputable insurance providers.

To make your move complete we can provide house cleaning service after emptying your home, arrange the transferring of your funds to the United Kingdom with foreign exchange services and perhaps even valet unpacking at your destination to really put the finishing touches in place.

Moving pets such as cats and dogs from New Zealand to the United Kingdom is not quite a complicated as it once was. The Pet Travel Scheme allows cats and dogs to enter the United Kingdom from New Zealand without any quarantine provided all requirements are met. Cats and dogs must be fitted with a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies, the vaccination certificate must have the microchip number on it, and a blood sample must be taken by a vet 15 – 30 days after the vaccination to ensure the vaccine was effective. Dogs also need to be treated against Echinococcus tapeworm 24-120 hours before departure.

If you require currency exchange, we will introduce you to XE Money Transfer, one of New Zealand’s leading Foreign exchange companies, to arrange the transferring of your funds to the United Kingdom. You will benefit from discounted fees and the best exchange rates available when you move to the United Kingdom with New Zealand Movers.

Thinking about shipping your car to the United Kingdom? There are many reasons why people consider shipping their cars to the UK, you’re going to lose too much on the resale here, it’s your pride and joy, or you’re really attached to it. Whatever your reason there is much to be aware of when shipping your motor vehicle to the United Kingdom. Besides the shipping costs of getting it there, you also need to be aware of the Customs regulations and also the associated ‘on road’ requirements and costs.

Used motor vehicles can be imported into the United Kingdom free of duty and tax so long as you are moving your normal home to the UK, have had your normal home outside the EC for a continuous period of at least 12 months, have possessed and used it for at least six months before shipping, and will retain it for your own personal use. Your vehicle cannot arrive more than six months before your own arrival to the UK or 12 months after your arrival to the UK.

For further guidance, the Department for Transport outlines the requirements for being able to register your vehicle for the United Kingdom.


* Disclaimer: All information provided is a general guide only and can change without notice. We suggest making contact with the appropriate authorities for verification.

Moving to UK FAQs

Can I ship my car to the United Kingdom?

Yes you can, and in broad terms if you have owned it for 6 months and been outside the UK for 12 months you can import it free of duty and tax.

Can I take alcohol to the United Kingdom?

Yes you can, however you will need to declare what you are importing and pay import duty and tax on it.

How long will it take to ship my goods to the United Kingdom?

A sole use container service takes approximately 6-8 weeks and a shared container approximately 8-12 weeks.

Can I store my belongings in the United Kingdom?

Yes you can, we have full storage services available in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Do note that it can be more expensive for storage in the UK.

Will I have to pay duty and tax on my household goods in the United Kingdom?

In broad terms if you have owned them for 6 months and been outside the UK for 12 months you can import ithem free of duty and tax.  If not, you will have to pay duty and tax.

Can I pack my own goods for shipping to the United Kingdom?

Yes you can, but it is important that you follow our Packing Guide to ensure you meet the satisfaction of the Customs services. Please do not use banana boxes.

Can my container be delivered direct to my house in the United Kingdom?

Yes it can, subject to the access of a vehicle to your new home.

Relocating to the UK is a popular destination for Kiwis and comes with some fantastic lifestyle changes. You’ll have opportunity to live in a country with rich and diverse history, access to great healthcare and will have the incredible job market to explore to further your career.

If you’re considering a move to the United Kingdom and researching where to settle read our latest blog, Top 5 destinations to move to in the UK.


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