Nau mai, haere mai. If you are a Kiwi returning home or someone coming to New Zealand for the first time, kia ora and welcome. New Zealand is very much a destination country with people moving here from all parts of the world.

Named by New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people as Aotearoa, ‘land of the long white cloud’ – or perhaps otherwise known as ‘Gods own’. So, if it’s the temperate climate and lovely beaches of the North Island, and stunning scenery of the South Island that attract you, we can move you here.


Moving to New Zealand Services

Being a country that is surrounded by water, our New Zealand ports and airports are very well served so we can provide reliable and regular door-to-door services throughout the country.

Sea freight in a shared container if you are moving from Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Asia or any other country we can assist, request a moving quote to New Zealand.

New Zealand Moving Destinations

With our four nationwide branches we are able to serve all New Zealand, from the major cities of Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill to everywhere between. And now it’s the more popular lifestyle destinations of the South Island such as; Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Marlborough that are bringing people to our shores.

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Moving Reviews New Zealand Movers Customer Reviews


5 Stars

A huge thank you to Greg and JL for their excellent service on the last leg of my move from Australia to New Zealand, they were efficient and explained the process as they unpacked my belongings and placed them in my home. Two very polite young men who are excellent at their job, a credit to New Zealand Movers. Many thanks.


5 Stars

Our move started in Brisbane in the middle of the pandemic, a lack of containers and container ships. We also had the issue of trying to get a position in MIQ to move our self’s to NZ. As it turned out our belongings arrived into the hands of New Zealand Mover long before we could there, that is when our stress levels reached an all time high. We need not have worried as Summer and her team handled everything even things they weren’t responsible for. Getting access to our new home delivering all our possessions, checking everything was there, had our cars inspected then delivered to the house and locked up in the garage, even organise to have some transport damage (which occurred prior to them receiving the cars) repaired. Summer made us feel confident and assured that it was all under control, we cannot speak highly enough. We are very grateful to have used New Zealand Movers and to know Summer.

With our knowledge and vast global network of affiliated partners we can originate your move from any country in the world.

When moving to New Zealand it is important you are aware of the requirements as we are a country with unique requirements and restrictions. If you are not a New Zealand or Australian passport holder you will require a visa to live in New Zealand. To import your household goods into New Zealand they need to be cleared with the Customs and Quarantine (Biosecurity New Zealand) services. New Zealand is known for its clean, green image and reliance on it agriculture, horticulture and tourism sectors. Controls must be maintained against unwanted contaminants, diseases, insects and other pests. This can be a straightforward process and you will need to complete a declaration called an Unaccompanied Personal Baggage declaration and provide a copy of your passport.

The Customs service want to ensure you are not importing any prohibited/restricted items and collect any duty and tax which may be payable. To import your household goods into New Zealand free of duty and tax you must have been outside of New Zealand for more than 21 months and personally owned and used your household goods. Firearms can be imported into New Zealand and this process is strictly controlled, firstly you will need to obtain a New Zealand firearms licence and import permit from the New Zealand Police. There is some discretionary allowance for the free importation of alcohol as part of a home collection for your own consumption.

To protect our borders from unwanted pests and contaminants New Zealand has a very strict quarantine service called Biosecurity New Zealand. It is their responsibility to screen every  shipment of household effects that comes into New Zealand. Screening is done in the first instance via documentation, Biosecurity will review your completed declaration and inventory of goods to profile check you and see if you have any declared or undeclared risks goods in your shipment. If they are satisfied that your shipment poses no risk then it will be cleared for entry. If they consider there may be risk, then your shipment will require a physical inspection upon arrival. In some instances, where you have a sole use container, this inspection can take place at your residence upon delivery, otherwise it will take place at the warehouse. Items which are commonly stopped for inspection are outdoor items, sporting goods, bicycles, animal products, plant products, etc. Following an inspection, it will be decided if your shipment is cleared and OK for entry, or if any items require treatment such as fumigation and steam cleaning before they are released.

Thinking about shipping your car or motor vehicle to New Zealand? If so there is much you need to know to make an informed decision. There are a number of processes and requirements to import a vehicle and be able to drive it on the roads of New Zealand. Vehicles need to be cleared with the Customs services, quarantine service (Biosecurity), and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). To assist you here is a basic guide to importing a motor vehicle into New Zealand.

The first thing you should do when considering importing a vehicle is contact the LTSA to ensure your vehicle will be allowed into New Zealand. Depending on your circumstances your vehicle may have to comply with ‘Frontal Impact’ and ‘Omission’ standards. Once your motor vehicle has arrived in New Zealand it needs to be certified that it meets all road safety standards and registered for use on the road. Note that certification can only take place after a motor vehicle has been cleared by Customs and Biosecurity.


There is currently no duty levied on motor vehicles imported into New Zealand, however there is GST tax of 15%. Fortunately, you are able to import a vehicle free of GST provided you meet the following criteria: you are in New Zealand; you hold a New Zealand or Australian passport, or a have the appropriate visa; you have been outside of New Zealand for more than 21 months, have personally owned and used the vehicle for at least 12 months before shipping, and you don’t sell the vehicle within 24 months of importation. If not, then you will have to pay GST.

All motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, and caravans coming into New Zealand are subject to a physical inspection by the Quarantine security (Biosecurity) upon arrival. If there are any contaminants found on or in your vehicle such as soil, plant material, insect or animal material it will require steam cleaning. To try and avoid these expensive charges we recommend that you have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned on the interior and exterior before shipping.

* Disclaimer: All information provided is a general guide only and can change without notice. We suggest making contact with the appropriate authorities for verification.

We recommend that we professionally pack your goods. We use the best materials available and employ the latest techniques to ensure your goods arrive safely. We also have a variety of cartons, tailor-made for items such as flat screen TVs, golf clubs, hanging clothes, bikes, and artwork. We also custom-build wooden crates for fragile and precious items. Every item moving will be packed either in a carton or export wrapped. Once packed all goods will be numbered with a label sticker and recorded on the removal inventory.

As well as protecting your goods on their journey, professional packing aids the efficient handling and processing of your shipment by the Customs and quarantine services.

You are welcome to pack some or all of your goods yourself if you prefer. Please ensure risk items are packed together and clearly identified on an inventory as this can save considerable time and cost when inspected by the quarantine service. We can  provide you with packing materials and a handy packing guide to help you.

All of our network of four nationwide branches have secure storage warehouses available to cater for your long- or short-term storage requirements. This may be especially helpful when you arrive in New Zealand and are looking for a new home and want to take your time to find the right place that suits all your needs. Each individual warehouse is operated with 24-hour and 7-day-a-week security monitoring. All our port city warehouses are fully bonded by the New Zealand Customs and Quarantine Services to give you real peace of mind while your goods are in our care.

New Zealand Movers Auckland

You should insure your goods during relocation to give you peace of mind and to provide protection, just in case.  We offer a range of insurance options through Vero marine, one of the world’s largest and most reputable insurance providers.

And to top it off and make your move complete we can provide house cleaning services, arrange the transferring of your funds to New Zealand with foreign exchange services and perhaps even valet unpacking at your destination to really put the finishing touches in place. And if it’s the assistance of setting up a new life in New Zealand you need, we have resettlement services offering, home find, school find, and community orientation.

If you require currency exchange, we will introduce you to XE Money Transfer, one of New Zealand’s leading Foreign exchange companies, to arrange the transferring of your funds to New Zealand. With discounted fees and the best exchange rates available as a benefit to you for moving to the New Zealand with New Zealand Movers.

Moving to New Zealand FAQ

Can I ship my car to New Zealand?

Yes you can, but you will need to check with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) first.

Can I take alcohol to New Zealand?

Yes you can, however you will need to declare what you are importing. There is a discretionary allowance for the free entry of alcohol if it is part of your normal household and for your own consumption.

Can I store my goods in New Zealand?

Yes you can, we have full storage services available in all five of our nationwide branches.

Will my goods be fumigated when they arrive in New Zealand?

There is a possibility that this may happen, however it is important to know that if any of your goods require treatment such as fumigation it is usually limited to specific items as opposed to your whole shipment.

Will my car be steam cleaned when it arrives in New Zealand?

With New Zealand’s strict Quarantine service there is a good possibility that this may happen, thus to try and avoid this and the expensive charges we recommend that you have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned on the interior and exterior before shipping.

Will I have to pay duty on my goods in New Zealand?

Provided you have a New Zealand or Australian passport, or the appropriate visa, have lived outside New Zelaland for more than 21 months and have owned and used your goods you can import them free of duty and tax.

Do I have to clean my goods before shipping to New Zealand?

Yes, we recommend that you thoroughly clean all goods of an outdoor nature such as outdoor furniture, gardening tools, lawn mowers, sports equipment, bikes, camping equipment and vacuum cleaners, etc. before they are shipped.

Can I pack my own things?

Yes you can, but it is important that you follow our Packing Guide to ensure you meet the satisfaction of the Customs and Quarantine services.

Can my container be delivered direct to my house?

Yes, in some instances we are able to deliver your sole use container direct to your new home, provided the the Quarantine service have given approval. We cannot deliver containers to rural areas.