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Every Care and Consideration at New Zealand Movers, Christchurch

New Zealand's largest South Island city, Christchurch hosts one of our four nationwide branches. We're proud to say that New Zealand Movers is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated, and thanks to our Global Network of accredited partners, we can facilitate the safe movement of your personal and business effects anywhere in the world. Using our expertise and knowledge gained over 30 years of working within the industry, we will assist you with every facet of your office or home move - whether you're moving within Christchurch or cross continent.

Moving any business or home can be a stressful and anxiety inducing experience - especially when packing delicate personal effects or equipment. To start your pain-free moving experience it's as simple as using our 60 Second Fast Quote system, or better yet, contact one of our personable admin staff who will assist you with everything from a free home or office visit to the tricky logistics of import and quarantine regulations. Our compliment of experienced staff will support you in your every need to ensure a hassle- and stress-free move.

We use the most sophisticated of technologies not only to ensure the security and safety of your belongings but to also effectively communicate all necessary information between you, the client, and New Zealand Movers staff and move partners, and even our personal fleet of transport vehicles that all use Navman Wireless GPS - allowing you to have real-time location and movement information at your fingertips.

More New Zealand Movers Service Offerings

As New Zealand's leading moving company, we endeavour to move home or office with as little disruption as possible, allowing us to adapt our services to your movement needs.

Moving Insurance

An understated but very important aspect of any move is insurance, as any move - be it international or within Christchurch - has an element of risk that is unavoidable. Move insurance is invaluable for ensuring that all items in transit are covered if damaged or lost at any stage of the move. With comprehensive insurance cover underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited - and attached separately to each quote - you can easily sift through pricing, coverages, and essential information. Policies are designed to be brief and clear; and remember you have easy access to us 24/7 for any assistance.

Storage and Security Solutions for Optimal Peace of Mind

Reasons to include additional security and storage solutions are varied - maybe you are building a new home and need extra time for the finishing touches, or you are working with an overseas employer and need to tie-up loose ends. Know that NZM will assist you with short-, medium-, or long-term storage with our network of nationwide branches, and our constantly monitored, secure, purpose-built storage warehouses providing real peace-of-mind that all your effects are in our trusted hands.

Inventory Management

Relocation is stressful. Packing delicate equipment or fragile ceramics is no easy task. So why not let us take care of the packing too, and you can just track its movement through our premiere operating system: Moveware. We ensure maximum protection using a variety of specially designed packing cartons; such as our port-a-robe - a creaseless package design facilitating easy packing, storage, and relocation of clothing apparel. Glasses and stemware also require the extra protection of our unique tube packaging which ensures the most delicate of glass is protected from the jostle of transit. As part of our standard long-distance package, whiteware such as refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines are export wrapped for extra protection.

While we pack, we organise, label, and create detailed inventory lists to ensure not only that all items packed arrive safely and undamaged, but also facilitate a smooth and hassle-free import to the country of destination when moving overseas. We also provide state-of-the-art parcel tracking - with the movement and location your personal and business effects available at the touch of a button.

We take every precaution to ensure your shipment is not only safe but also leaves a greener footprint on a world of limited resources. All paper, cardboard, and plastics used to pack your belongings are removed from your premises and recycled. We try to reuse our cardboard products where appropriate. We also aim to reduce fuel consumption in our fleet of moving trucks by extending the use of aerofoils on our long-distance vehicles, and avoiding routes that might result in unnecessary delays.

Additional Moving Services for a Complete Relocation

Customers increasingly request our "turn-key" experience. Here, once we have categorised and sequenced the entire shipment, we clean the property before the new occupants move in, complemented by our valet unpacking service where we unpack, place and sort all boxes and furniture before you arrive at your new home - transforming a house with a pile of boxes into a home with personal touches.

Considering shipping your vehicle? Whether you have a car, motorcycle, jet ski or yacht, we can assist you with this process - providing information when making this decision and arranging transport anywhere in New Zealand and all over the world.

From the large to the living we have you covered. Your pet, a precious member of your family, needs to find their way to your new home as swiftly as possible. Through our carefully chosen service partners we will arrange safe and comfortable relocation of your beloved pet.

Last but not least, transferring funds abroad can be expensive and complicated. New Zealand Movers will save you time and money in this regard, offering zero fees and preferential rates of exchange to our clients.

Whatever your requirements are we have a range of services to suit your needs. Get started by contacting our Christchurch team of expert home and office movers today.

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