It’s tempting to just keep the difficult to wrap and pack items aside and forgo the boxes, but it’s unlikely to work out too well. If you want to know whether movers will move things that are not in boxes, the answer is not normally. Some moving companies have strict policies regarding the removal of loose items and others less so. There are several reasons for this, ranging from liability to damage.

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Why You Need Boxes

Some items are tricky, but often these are the items which require more care because they will be more difficult to load into the truck without the protection of a box. Boxes go a long way to mitigating the risk of damage to your goods because you can get custom size boxes which are reinforced, you can bubble wrap your items, and you can fill the space in the box with paper to prevent it from shifting.

Items that are not in boxes cannot be stacked in the moving truck, so they ultimately take up more space and they may put your other items at risk of shifting around and getting damaged. We train our movers to load boxes into their moving trucks in a way that ensures no space is wasted and the boxes fit together to ensure that they do not shift and move around.

Moving Etiquette

When your belongings aren’t packed in boxes, they take longer to load and move. The problem is that it affects your timeline and that of your moving company. They may be required to move out other bookings, and they will more than likely have to charge you for the extra time.

The single most compelling reason movers prefer to pack your belongings themselves is for the sake of insurance. Moving insurance is not as straightforward and most times not available for customers who opt to pack their own belongings. There is just too much that can go wrong without the experience and training of professional movers. This concern is even greater when items aren’t packed at all, insurance will not pay out—or at least it is highly unlikely to pay out in the event of damage or loss.

Moving Across Borders or Over Large Distances

Another reason to pack each item carefully is to speed up the processing and handling of your belongings when moving across borders. Your items will have to go through customs and potentially even quarantine, and they will probably be wrapped only in plastic film, which will offer little–if any–protection and may come at an additional cost.

Things That Cannot Be Boxed

There will always be items which cannot be boxed such as larger furniture, couches and beds. These items, however, still need to be wrapped in heavy-duty plastic so they are protected from dents, dust, and scuffs.

Your best option is to get your moving company to help you pack all of your belongings. This way you can mitigate any potential risk of damage or loss, insure your belongings, and have a less stressful move. For additional information or to book your move, contact us today.

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