New Zealanders are generally eco-conscious bunch. We recycle and reuse where possible and we’re working towards switching to zero-emission vehicles.

And while we try for sustainable processes in our daily tasks like being mindful of shower times and using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic ones, we can also aim for more sustainable ways of bigger, less frequent tasks like moving homes.

Moving, when not well-planned, can involve processes that have a negative impact on the environment. But today, the team at New Zealand Movers list some key tips for sustainable moving so you can minimise your environmental impact when moving homes.

Minimise landfill

Moving homes is a time that many New Zealand families use for offloading unused or unwanted possessions. If handled incorrectly, these possessions can wind up in landfill, which is not good for the environment.

The best way to minimise landfill when moving homes is to sell unwanted items or donate them to charity. Furniture, clothing and appliances are all items that are commonly cleared out when moving houses; make sure you dispose of them ethically and sustainably, and give them a new life in a different home if possible.

Recycled moving boxes

Choosing recycled moving boxes over ones made from new paper materials is another super easy thing you can do as a commitment to sustainable moving. On average, 1 tree only creates 150 cardboard boxes. When you think about all the cardboard that’s used for shopping centres, grocery stores, deliveries and moving, that’s a lot of trees being used.

But we have the power to change this, with recycled moving boxes. Thanks to recycling, we save 17 trees for every ton of paper and cardboard produced. New Zealand Movers are proud to offer quality recycled cardboard moving boxes, with sights set on a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Efficient packing

You may not immediately think of it, but efficient packing is one way to minimise your carbon footprint when moving. The less efficiently you pack, the more trips will have to be made, resulting in more petrol being used and more carbon emissions being produced. This can often happen when you take on the packing yourself, and are not experienced with packing items into moving trucks.

Opting for professional packing guarantees that each trip maximises truck space, and minimises your carbon footprint. Professional packers have specific techniques to fit your items and economise truck space in as few loads as possible. It’s not only great for your wallet, but the environment too!

Let’s keep New Zealand green and beautiful, the way it is right now, with more eco-friendly methods of moving. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver environmentally-friendly ways of moving. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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