Relocating to a new country is one of the most exciting times of your life. New opportunities are arising everywhere; from new jobs, to new friends, to new schools for your children.

But moving internationally requires some careful thought. Many people wished they’d known some key pieces of information before moving, and that’s why the team at New Zealand Movers are here to help. They outline their top relocation tips which are informed by their 40+ years’ experience in international moving.

Be prepared

Give yourself at least six months of time for research and preparing before your international moving date. Some moves require even more time due to complicated visa applications and other barriers. Starting early allows you to move with confidence, booking in your preferred international mover as soon as possible.

Research, research, research

Research is your top priority when relocating to another country. Some of the most important research you need to do before moving includes:

  • How to obtain visas and other work permits
  • Your preferred neighbourhood based on your situation and preferences e.g. single, couple, family, etc.
  • Location of good schools for kids
  • Laws and customs which differ from New Zealand
  • Effectiveness of public transport, or ease of obtaining a local driver’s license
  • How to apply for a bank account
  • How to use the medical system

Make physical copies of all important documents

Don’t count on digitised copies of important documents being accepted in other parts of the world; New Zealand is quite modernised but, depending on your new country, it may not be the same story. Always make hard copies of important documents like work permits, birth certificates, vaccination status, etc.

Moving furniture and belongings

Moving furniture and belongings is one of the most important aspects of relocating internationally. Moving to a different country can present a challenge in your ability to feel comfortable and familiar, and having your belongings from the beginning can aid this immensely. Talk to the team at New Zealand Movers about their services in moving furniture internationally.

Address language barriers

Language barriers may present a challenge when moving to another part of the globe. Though you may not need to become fluent in the native language of your new country, it’s advisable to learn the basics so that you can better assimilate with the culture.

And don’t forget to choose an excellent international relocation service like New Zealand Movers! New Zealand Movers have 41 years of experience in moving furniture for Kiwis living abroad. From Australia, the UK, Asia to Africa, North America to Europe, New Zealand Movers offer the best quality and best value international moving service in the country. We take the stress out of international moving by providing full-service moves, including everything from packing to storage facilities. Grab a quote from the team at New Zealand Movers and make your international move an easy one.

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