Moving house is quite a subjective experience. Some may look at it as a super easy task, and others can view as one of the most difficult. But the truth? Both of these ways of thinking can lead to pitfalls when moving house!

That’s why it’s best to take an informed, measured approach to moving house – rather than viewing it as either easy or hard.

However, New Zealand Movers are here to make it easy for you when moving house. Here, their team outline some handy hints when moving house.

Choose a team with experience

A moving team is the first thing to look for when you’re moving house. Professional movers are essential for any type of home-dweller: whether you’re a student, a large family or a couple of retirees. Professional movers with years of proper experience are what you’re looking for. New Zealand Movers have been conducting local, inter-city and international moves for over 40 years, making them one of New Zealand’s most experienced companies across all three types of moving house.

Consider storage facilities if you need them

When moving house, one of the handiest hints we can give you is to make the most of storage facilities. Many people find that not quite all of their belongings fit or are suited to their new home. In these circumstances, you’re just going to give you belongings away or leave them behind; storage facilities help you with a temporary solution to holding your possessions while you think about the reconfiguration of the new home.

Insurance policies

It may not be the most exciting part of moving homes, but it’s certainly one of the most important: insurance. A good professional mover will have a clear, straightforward insurance options for keeping your belongings covered should something unlikely or unexpected occur. Choose a reputable moving service with a comprehensive insurance policy so that, no matter where you’re going, you can arrive there, stress-free.

Don’t fret over packing

Are you the type of person who gets stressed over packing for a weekend trip, let alone packing the whole house up? You’re not alone in that feeling. That’s why so many Kiwis choose professional packers when moving houses. Professional packers are expertly trained in the art of packing up a home. They use specific techniques and methods to pack your house systematically and unpack it in the new home.

For more handy hints when moving homes, just call New Zealand Movers. They’re one of New Zealand’s best moving companies, offering full-service moves with insurance, packing, storage and more. Priding themselves on a professional service at affordable prices, New Zealand Movers have experience in inter-city and international moves too. Get in touch for a quote today.

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