Looking for more career opportunities, higher income, better quality of life for your family and new and interesting cultural experiences? Moving abroad can come with all of these amazing benefits and more.

Moving internationally is a mix of a whole bunch of emotions but, when you keep in mind the tips outlined by New Zealand Movers, you’ll be totally confident in starting this new chapter in life.

Research visa and work permit requirements

Every country has different visa and work permit requirements. The first thing to do for a successful international move is to research these requirements and obtain all the correct documents. Government websites, embassies and consulates all contain a wealth of knowledge for acquiring work permits in the country you’re moving to.

Moving companies require more notice, so book early

The top tip for a successful international move is to book in your moving company as soon as possible. Once all your paperwork (passport, visa, work permit, travel and health insurance, social security numbers) has been approved booking your relocation with your moving company is the first thing you should do. There is more planning involved for an international move and dependent on your destination transit times differ.

Contacting New Zealand Movers, NZ’s best international relocation company, should be at the top of your list and give you peace of mind securing an ideal time for your move abroad.

Get comfortable from the beginning

Another important tip for moving abroad is to make sure you’re comfortable from the very beginning of your time in your new home. Feeling comfortable is important to settle in quickly, which lets you feel confident and safe in your new country. So, think about the possessions that give you a sense of normalcy: your bed, mattress, dining table, couch – all the things that are important in this way should be brought over from New Zealand.

Are there any essential items that you require sooner? Items such as work tools, office equipment, cots etc. Ask New Zealand Movers about their Air Freight options, this is the fastest way to get these items to your destination.

Look for schools

If you are moving internationally with children, for a successful move, it’s best to research good school months in advance of your move. Whether you’re looking at private, public or international, it’s look for a school that promises a quality education, is accessible via your preferred mode of transport, and that your child will be happy at, too. We suggest researching and applying for schools around 3-6 months in advance of your move.

Talk to colleagues and other expats in your country

Luckily, you’re not the first person to move from New Zealand to your new country. Loads of others have done the journey before you. Online community groups of Kiwi and Aussie expats can provide a wealth of knowledge and give you advice they wish they’d had before they moved overseas. You can also consult any expat colleagues at your new workplace.

New Zealand Movers are passionate about moving Kiwis to new places all around the world. Offering the best international moving service in the country. New Zealand Movers provide full-scale moves to every continent in the world (apart from Antarctica, of course). Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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