Moving isn’t always a gigantic effort. Sometimes, people moving their homes aren’t taking too much with them. Those moving far away, moving from a small home or apartment or people who have said goodbye to their old furniture and make a fresh start don’t need a huge truck and a ten-person team for the job. That doesn’t mean they don’t need help though. That’s why there are movers who will assist you with a small move.


How to Get a Quote

Typically, you can get a quote based on the number of rooms you intend to pack up and the amount of furniture you have. They may give a quote online or in-person; either way, you will know soon enough how competitive their prices are and if they do small moves. Many moving companies will move a single item, a few items, the contents of a single bedroom, small apartment, or small business.

If you have little to move, it’s probably easier to get an online quote, you can specify a small amount of furniture without having to call first and ask if the move is too small. From there they will advise you what size truck they will need and how many movers you need to help you on moving day.


Why You Need a Moving Company for a Small Move

Even a small move requires an extra pair of hands. It’s easy to underestimate the weight of a bed, fridge, washing machine, or a couch. You could save money by asking a kind friend for help, but that’s not always an option. And even when you have a friend who can help you, you still need a truck to move the items. You could hire a truck, but do you have the right licence to drive it?

Professional movers make things faster, easier, simpler, not to mention, safer. As a by-product of their experience and training, they know just how to get awkward items through doors and down stairs. Also, they have all the necessary equipment at their disposal.


You Still Have to Pack Carefully

Before you consider loading a bunch of loose items into the moving truck because you may not be too worried about space, remember your items are still likely to get damaged this way, even if it’s a small move. Some items are tricky to pack and wrap but it’s still worth your time to either get your moving company to pack for you or take the time to pack them very carefully yourself. It will not only make the move much faster and easier, but movers tend to be pretty strict about this sort of thing. Movers are unlikely to move loose belongings.

Many companies specialise in moving large homes and businesses, but still, that doesn’t mean those with fewer belongings don’t need a moving service. That’s why it would be a missed opportunity for moving companies to turn such individuals down. You don’t have to look too far for movers for small moves. For more information or advice get in touch today.

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