So, you’ve just moved to your new place. You’re feeling fresh, vibrant… and incredibly reluctant to start unpacking, after you’ve just spent weeks and weeks planning and preparing the move! We understand unpacking all of your boxes is a daunting task – but if you don’t tackle them sooner rather than later, they could end up becoming part of the furniture in your home and stay like that for months. We’re going to give you a few hot tips on how to unpack boxes quickly after moving to a new place.

Let NZ Movers sort boxes in their designated rooms

A great way to get boxes unpacked quickly after moving is to sort each box by room. This way, instead of just piling up boxes in one place like some giant version of Jenga, NZ Movers actively start the process of sorting out the contents of the boxes. They place all your kitchenware boxes in the kitchen, your toiletry goods in the bathroom, and your clothes in your bedroom – it may sound obvious, but it’s a great start.

Take it one room at a time

The quickest way to get flustered when unpacking your boxes is to not do it methodically. If you try to do a little bit of each room, you’ll end up wasting a lot of accumulated time when moving from room to room. This is the least economical way to unpack your boxes: the most economical way is to take it one room at a time, which is exactly how the team at NZ Movers like to do things.

Assign one person to each room

This is a pro tip if you’re moving with a family. Assign one person to each room of the house. The adults can take the kitchen and bathroom while the kids work on unpacking their own bedrooms. You’ll find that the whole house can be almost entirely unpacked within a matter of hours! Then, celebrate everyone’s hard work by ordering pizza and enjoy a beer or wine for yourself.

Get your movers to do it for you

Possibly the easiest, quickest and stress-free way of unpacking your boxes is to enlist a little help from your moving team! They’re absolute pros at unpacking boxes, working under your direction to get your home unpacked to your exact liking. Movers are gifted in the art of unpacking boxes to a flat surface, allowing you to arrange your house the way you want it; after all, they do it pretty much every day!

Don’t let your boxes pile up and resemble some kind of abstract art in your lovely new home. Unpack them quickly or hire an expert team of movers like the ones at New Zealand Movers! They’re lightning-quick at unpack boxes, getting your home fully unpacked within a flash, allowing you to place your belongings in their spots and making your house a home. Talk to the team at New Zealand Movers and grab a quote to settle in to your new home.

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