Moving house is one of those exciting things that usually only happens a few times in our lives. While it’s definitely an experience that will bring us joy and a positive mindset, it’s also something that will cost us money. So, how can we move houses when we have a budget to stick to? There are a range of things that we can address to keep the cost down while moving. Here’s a list of our biggest tips!

Think about packing material

Your moving company should have quality packing material to protect your belongings during transportation. This is a good idea if you don’t want to move into your new place only to discover that your glassware and crockery now resemble a jigsaw puzzle. Packing materials that your moving company may offer include packing paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, cartons and tape – all of which will factor into the price.

While it’s easy to think about saving costs on packing material, this probably isn’t where you should try to reduce your budget. Packing material helps to protect your belongings, and if some of your belongings break because you skimped out on packing material, it’ll end up costing you more to replace.

Think about timing

Timing is another thing that impacts moving house on a budget. It’s advisable to book ahead when planning your move. Giving your moving and packing company plenty of notice will mean you pay less than if you leave it till the last minute and book the next day. Also consider moving on a day that isn’t a public holiday or on a weekend, which are generally pricier than normal weekdays.

Weekdays are a great option if you’re looking to move house on a budget. This way, it may take you less time to move your stuff and it’ll end up costing you less money too.

Choose a great team of movers

Some movers will charge you more money for a less efficient and less diligent job. These are the moving companies you want to avoid at all cost. A great team of movers will work quickly and meticulously to get your stuff moved and they’ll try to help you out wherever possible.

A moving company that is based on the principles of integrity and customer service will only charge what they need to charge. They won’t be looking for ways to rip you off!

Moving house on a budget may seem tricky at first, but with the help of an expert moving company, it won’t seem difficult at all. Get in touch with New Zealand Movers if you’re ready to start a new chapter of your life and move houses. They’ll handle all of your belongings with the utmost care, giving you a stress-free moving experience at an affordable price. Contact New Zealand Movers for a chat and a quote today!

How To Move House On A Budget