Consider yourself the financial planner of the house? Intent on moving furniture on a budget? Being money savvy and saving cash where you can is a smart idea and you’ll be delighted to hear that there are a few ways you cut costs (without cutting corners) when it comes to moving houses.

So, how can we move furniture on a budget while still getting a reliable, effective service? Here, the team at New Zealand Movers explains the ins and outs of moving houses on a budget.

Moving furniture on a budget – DOs ✅

As the team at New Zealand Movers knows, there are loads of ways you can save money when moving furniture. These include:

  • Making an inventory

Make an inventory of all the furniture you’re bringing with you in the move. Then, make a list of things you’re not bringing. This way, you’ll only bring what you need, which may save you space in the moving truck or container, meaning your professional movers will get the job done in a shorter space of time (which saves you money!).

  • Selling items you’re not bringing

You can sell unwanted items on online marketplaces and make a little extra cash to put towards your moving budget. Even if you’re just selling small items for low prices, you’ll be surprised how quickly the money can add up, bolstering your moving budget.

  • Choosing a professional team with great-value quotes

Choose moving company who is known for their reliable moving services and great-value quotes. The last thing you want to do when moving furniture on a budget is to go with a suspiciously cheap and unreliable moving team which ends up costing you more money due to unprofessional staff, longer moving times, poor equipment and transport, and lack of insurance.

Moving furniture on a budget – DON’Ts ❌

Here are some pitfalls which some people sadly fall for when moving furniture on a budget:

  • Attempting to rent your own van and move furniture yourself

Moving furniture yourself isn’t recommended. For one, there are specific techniques that professional movers use to make the process safe and efficient. Trying to move heavy items on your own can be dangerous, and securing them in a moving van is also unsafe unless you have the right equipment and knowledge of moving and stowing techniques.

  • Hiring unprofessional movers

There are also unprofessional movers on platforms like online marketplaces. These people are often uninsured and claim to be able to move your furniture at a cheaper rate. But the risk of going with an uninsured mover with unprofessional equipment is greater than the reward: think about the cost of replacing expensive furniture should something get damaged!

New Zealand Movers have 41 years of experience in moving furniture on a budget. We take the stress out of your relocation by providing full-service moves, including everything from packing to storage facilities. Grab a quote from the team at New Zealand Movers and make your move an easy one.

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