It can be hard to leave behind a great neighbourhood where you were close with your neighbours. But in saying that, moving to a different suburb gives you the opportunity to make new friends that could last a lifetime.

So, how do we do it? If you’re getting back into the game of making friends in your new neighbourhood, New Zealand Movers have got you covered. Here are some of our greatest tips on making new friends when you’ve moved to a different neighbourhood:

Introduce yourself

In recent years, we’ve seen a slight fading away of new neighbours introducing themselves in the neighbourhood – and this is a sad thing! Going up and knocking on the door of your closest neighbours should be done as soon as possible. That way, you break the ice quickly and are on friendly terms from the start. Putting it off is never a good idea: you’ll get to that awkward limbo period where you’ve seen each other but haven’t said hello yet, and neither are sure how to make the next move!

Have a chat

You’re likely to see your neighbours in the first few days of moving in. Maybe you’re going for a walk and they’re in their garden, or you’re leaving the house for work at the same time as each other. The best way to make new friends in your neighbourhood is to put yourself out there and simply have a chat. Kiwis are known right across the world for being some of the most friendly people around – let’s keep up that reputation!

Invite your neighbours around for dinner

There’s nothing better than inviting the neighbours round for a low-key bite, like a barbie. Enjoying good food and drinks together is one of the best ways to make connections with your neighbours, and score hospitality points.

Doggy dates

Almost a third of Kiwi households have a dog, and if you’re part of that percentage, it opens you up to meeting other neighbours with pets. Setting up a doggy play date with your neighbours is a great way to connect with each other, letting your dogs break the ice for you!

Neighbourhood social media groups

And if none of the other more conventional ways of making friends with new neighbours are working, you’ve always got the neighbourhood social media groups. These are awesome places to get to know people in the area, put faces to names, and ask questions about the neighbourhood. Someone might lead you to your new favourite coffee shop on a coffee date together.

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