Wellington: it’s officially the ‘coolest little capital in the world’. With street art and hip cafes that are often compared with cultural hubs like Berlin and Melbourne, and family-friendly suburbs that have great schools and wide-open parks, Wellington is truly a city that has the best of both worlds. Renowned for clifftop houses with impeccable style, it’s a city that’s rich in architecture and landscape.

It comes as no surprise, then, that you’re thinking of moving to Wellington, or already live here and you’re moving within the city. Today, we’ll answer your questions about how much it costs to hire movers in New Zealand’s capital.

What are you moving?

No matter what city you’re moving to, the number of belongings you have will impact the total cost of the move. Moving in Wellington is no different: the more stuff you have, the more it will cost to move.

This is because of the extra work in store for your movers, the number of movers you need, and possibly the extra moving truck/s used. While a single person moving within Wellington might be fine with a single moving truck, it may not be the same case for a family of five.

Luckily, Wellington moving specialists New Zealand Movers have a fleet of custom-built furniture trucks in a range of sizes, including super-sized furniture trucks that can hold up to three full sized households in a single journey!

When is the move?

How soon is your move? Is it something you’re planning for 6 to 8 weeks away, or do you need it done as soon as possible? Usually, it works out cheaper to plan ahead when you’re moving in Wellington – but sometimes, you can’t avoid a last-minute move due to finding a new job, a new rental home, etc.

If it’s possible for you to plan ahead, we highly encourage you to do so. This way you’ll avoid late booking fees and allow yourself more time to get organised.

Weekday or weekend?

While weekend moves are far more popular than weekday moves in Wellington, they also tend to be more expensive. This is because there’s a higher demand for weekend moves and there are penalty rates to account for too.

Weekday moves are a great option if you can afford to take some time off work, or if you have a couple days off during the week. They save you money, there’s less traffic on the roads during the day and it often means your stuff gets moved quicker.

Who are you hiring?

And, of course, another aspect that determines the cost of moving in Wellington is which team of movers you’re hiring. Do your research on moving teams and make sure you’re hiring, not the cheapest company, but the best value one. This means the best moving service for the best price.

Moving in Wellington won’t cost you a lot if you choose the right moving team. New Zealand Movers are your go-to team for smooth, secure, and high value moves. They’re the country’s finest team of movers and packers, offering you the best moving service for the best price. Get a quote from New Zealand Movers today.