Unless you want to be without your water bottle, snacks and medication on moving day (this is a recipe for disaster), you’ll need to remember to pack an essentials bag to keep with you during the move. It’s easy to forget, and to just pack everything into the moving truck. But when you start forgetting things like deodorant, that’s when moving day goes downhill very quickly! In this post, we’ll cover all the items you should pack in your essentials bag.


It might be a strange thing to chuck first on the list, but your toiletries bag is essential. Trust us, you don’t want to be going a day or two without your toothbrush. In your toiletries bag, make sure you include your oral hygiene products, deodorant, medications, vitamins, and anything else you usually keep in your bathroom.

Water bottle

Moving day is a big day, no matter how near or how far you’re moving. Your body will be using a lot of fluids on the day and it’s absolutely vital to keep hydrated. Always have your water bottle by your side and remember to drink from it regularly!


As well as keeping up with your fluids, it’s important to keep the energy levels up too. Grab some of your favourite snacks – preferably nutritious ones – to keep with you in your essentials bag. Nutrient-rich nuts like almonds and cashews, as well as raisins and even the odd lolly are all great things to have in your essentials bag as a snack.

Wallet, phone and keys

These are the three biggest things that you never want to pack in the moving truck: wallet, phone and keys. Packing these in the moving truck is a royal stuff up, and a rookie error. Imagine trying to get hold of the moving company to tell them your phone is in the truck… but you can’t, because your phone is in the truck.


Just in case you start getting a headache on moving day, you’ll always want a couple of these guys by your side. Aspirin is an absolute hero for these kinds of things, provided you’re not allergic to it, of course!

Pen or pencil

And here we come to the most underrated essential item, a true underdog of your moving list: the humble pen or pencil. If you need to desperately write something down and your phone is out of battery, guess who’s there to rescue you!

If you pack these in your essentials, you’ll be in for a smooth moving day. But make sure you also book in with a pro moving team like New Zealand Movers! They’re New Zealand’s finest moving team, helping you get wherever you need to go. Chat with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers for the most organised, dedicated moving service in NZ.

Happy Couple Packing Moving