No one plans to move in the rain but in New Zealand, you might not be able to avoid it. The land of four seasons in one day is full of surprises and along with its beauty comes weather patterns which aren’t always predictable. Rain can turn up uninvited on moving day, but professional movers are adept at dealing with rain and they can work in the rain. It takes planning and preparation but it’s doable.


Ask Your Moving Company First

Movers can work in the rain but are your movers willing and prepared to? They may choose to postpone your move if the conditions are too harsh. There is a big difference between heavy rain and light rain, so it’s best to get a clear idea of their procedures and protocols ahead of time to avoid surprises. Heavy rain won’t only dampen the mood but it may put the safety of your belongings and movers at extra risk.


Discuss the Details With Your Movers

Professional movers will ask you about the details regarding both your old home and your new home. Things such as the availability of parking spaces, the distance to your home from the parking area, whether they will be required to climb stairs, whether the ground may become slippery when wet and the types of flooring you have inside your old and new home. This information will help them prepare if they need to bring extra equipment and consider contingency plans in the event of rain.


Check the Weather Forecast

Even though weather reports aren’t always 100% accurate, it’s worth taking a look at the weather report in advance so that you can make provisions where necessary. Make sure that your box of essentials is weather appropriate so that when you arrive at your new home you have items such at a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee and soup to help you warm up. In addition, it’s a good idea to have dry clothes and dry towels. Having these items close at hand will help you get through the final stretch.


Get Help Packing

The best way to tackle packing is to allow your moving company to do it for you. They know all the best ways to protect your items from both damage through moving and damage from rain. They will wrap your belongings with the utmost care in high-quality packing materials and reinforced boxes. Second-hand boxes are more likely to have had their integrity compromised through damage.

When it comes to furniture and other large items, moving companies routinely use heavy-duty plastic to wrap items which are easily damaged by rain and moisture.


Items which need extra protection from rain:

  • Wooden furniture which could stain, warp, and swell if exposed to rain.
  • Mattresses don’t dry easily and could become mouldy
  • Art, books, and picture frames can be damaged beyond repair
  • Electronic items are very rarely salvaged from water damage
  • Any items which will be put into storage are unlikely to dry easily and could become mouldy


Packing For The Rain

Movers have their fair share of packing techniques to keep your items safe:

  • Line boxes with plastic to protect their contents
  • Use reinforced boxes
  • Put floor protectors down to minimise mess and prevent slipping
  • Label boxes which are filled with items that are susceptible to water damage
  • Seal boxes with tape around the edges, openings and the corners

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