When it comes to moving houses, there’s always one question which never seems to be answered, once and for all: should you move on a weekday or a weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place – because that’s what we’re going to answer today.

Both options have their benefits. In short, it’s a trade-off.
So here’s the ultimate pros and cons list of when to move house.

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  • The price – There’s no shame in trying to save a buck where you can. Many moving companies offer discount rates for weekday moves, so it’s definitely something to consider when moving to a new place.
  • The flexibility – Most movers and packers are quieter during the week. This will save you a headache in trying to squeeze in a time that suits both parties, and going back and forth with dates and times. It also means you should (in theory) be able to move into your place quicker.
  • Connecting utilities – If you move in and find you’ve got an issue with your electricity, water, gas or (god forbid) internet connections, a weekday move will ensure you can sort those problems out without listening to that awful hold music for hours on end.


  • Time off work – If you work full time, there’s a fair chance you’ll have to eat into your personal leave to move houses during a weekday. And if you’re a casual worker, it’s even more important to consider whether taking time off work is worth moving on a weekday. You may still find that it is, but that’s for you to consider.
  • School pick up – Parents try their best not to let kids get in the way of things. But this one’s unavoidable. Working around school pick up could take up a large chunk of your moving time.
  • Working around peak hours – there’s little point in paying for your moving truck to be stuck in peak hour traffic. Try to book after 9am and before 5pm.



  • Convenience – If you work during the week, then a weekend move means you don’t have to chew up your precious personal leave or chuck a cheeky sickie. C’mon, we’ve all been there.
  • An extra set of hands – You might be the kind of person who enlists your friends as cheap labour during the move. There’s (mostly) nothing wrong with this, and moving on a weekend increases your odds of getting them on board.


  • The price – Yep, most movers will charge you extra for the convenience of moving on a weekend. As mentioned previously, it’s up to you to decide whether taking a day off work during the week works out better than being charged extra on a weekend.
  • Finding a slot – Moving companies’ weekend slots are known to be booked up well in advance. You don’t want to get the keys to a place, only to be moving in 5 weeks later. Or maybe you do. I don’t know.
  • Kids – This could either work as a pro or a con. If your kids are too young to help with the move, then they’ll most likely be getting in the way during a weekend move. But if they’re a bit more mature, then sweet! You’ve got some more cheap labour under your belt.


So, now that you’ve read our ultimate pros and cons list of choosing when to move, it’s up to you to weigh it all up!


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