Oh, Canada! Oh, Canada! Thinking of packing up your life in New Zealand and moving far away to the Great White North? Relocating to Canada is something many Kiwis dream of doing, attracted by the great quality of life, big and vibrant cities, and suitability for family life.

So, before you’re making snow angels in your backyard, let’s talk about some of the other big drawcards of moving to Canada. The experts at New Zealand Movers, who have helped hundreds of Kiwi families pack up and head to Canada, explain the 5 top reasons to jump ship!

1. Loads of job opportunities

Canada has plenty of job opportunities, across a wider range of industries than here in New Zealand. From high-paying mining jobs to manufacturing to real estate to oil and gas, Canada’s job opportunities are abundant in each state.

Alberta is Canada’s biggest province for oil, gas and mining, and many Kiwis in these industries head there for generous salaries and a perfect life for family. Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta’s two biggest cities, consistently rank in the top 8 cities for quality of life in Canada, with an affordable cost of living and a wide range of recreational activities, too.

2. Time for exploring

If there’s one thing you picture when you think of Canada, it’s probably snow and all the related activities that go with it! Every province and territory in Canada experiences snowy winters, giving you and the family a chance to live your best lives as snow bunnies. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowman building are all common weekend activities for families across Canada.

3. Top educational facilities

Canada consistently ranks within the top 10 countries for education in the world, meaning your children will have excellent learning opportunities. For example, as French is an official language of Canada, every student learns French in school. But French classes aren’t just limited to school kids; in Quebec, for example, the government actually pays work visa holders to learn French. Getting paid to learn another language is a pretty great deal, right?

4. It’s easy to do

New Zealand and Canada are both part of the Commonwealth, and this makes it easy for Kiwis to move to Canada. Obtaining a Canadian work permit is a simple process which can almost entirely be done online, and costs around $300. So, if you’re wanting a change of pace, but don’t want to go through an overly bureaucratic process, moving to Canada is an awesome choice.

5. There’s something for everyone

Canada has something, or somewhere, for everyone. The world-class ski slopes and hiking tracks of Vancouver, the bustling streets with bars and cafes in Montreal, the charming old town of Quebec City, the fast-paced economic hub of Toronto… it’s all happening in Canada.

New Zealand Movers are your first choice team for moving to Canada. Having moved countless Kiwi families to many different Canadian cities, they’re experienced in international relocations and offer stress-free moves at competitive prices. Request a free, no obligation moving quote today.


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