Moving houses and need a reliable, trusted moving company? Choosing a moving company can seem like hard work at first. With so many options, how do you know you’re choosing the best service available?

Well, as a valued client, you should be able to expect a number of qualities from your moving company. In this post, the team at New Zealand Movers highlight 5 things you should expect from your moving company.

1. Experience

Experience goes a long when you’re choosing a moving company. An established moving company usually has more resources to invest in high quality transport, good staff and great customer service. You want to choose a removalist with at least a decade of experience. New Zealand Movers having been successfully moving people across the country and globe for 40 years making them one of the most experienced moving company in New Zealand.

2. Excellent customer service

You should expect your moving company to have excellent customer service, right from the moment they pick up the phone. They should be easily-contactable, and staff should be friendly and accommodating.

New Zealand Movers are known for their top notch customer service. You’ve got the option to call them directly and speak to one of their knowledgeable staff or request a quote online. Staff are always available to answer questions and resolve problems should they arise. Removalists are diligent, friendly and work alongside you to make your moving experience a pleasant one.

3. Fair prices

It’s always best to go with a great moving service at a fair price, rather than a fair moving service at a good price. Moving houses isn’t something you want to skimp out on, considering you’re transporting all of your precious belongings! When choosing a removalist, the cheapest option doesn’t always mean the best option. Working with New Zealand Movers you’ll get the best of both worlds – super competitive prices paired with experienced, diligent removalists.

4. Comprehensive insurance policies

Always make sure your moving company offers insurance. This is one thing you should expect from any trusted moving service; if they don’t offer insurance, it’s a massive red flag. New Zealand Movers acknowledge that with moving there is an element of risk and want to ensure your beloved items are completely covered.

5. A wide range of services

Your moving company should be willing to offer a variety of other service too. including packing, pet transport, vehicle transport, storage facilities, house cleaning and valet unpacking so you can focus on getting settled inside your new home. New Zealand Movers take the stress out of moving by offering all of these services and more.

New Zealand Movers are one of the country’s most experienced and trusted furniture movers, with 41 years of experience in the industry. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the world, New Zealand Movers can help you get settled in your brand new home. Grab a quote from the friendly team today!

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