Moving to the UK is one of the best things you can do for your professional and personal life. With plenty of job opportunities, friendly people and room for growth, the UK is where many good professionals become great professionals. And with so many Kiwis moving to the UK, you’re certainly not the only one considering it. Here are five great reasons to move to the UK:

1) Perfect professional to personal to family life ratio

While the UK is a great place to find steady work in your field, it’s also a place where you have opportunities to explore and have a family. Imagine yourself riding on top of a double decker bus, cruising straight past Big Ben on your way to work. Or taking your family to the esteemed English countryside on the weekends. There’s so much beauty to be discovered in whichever part of the country you want to live.

2) It’s easy

Moving to the UK is so easy for us Kiwis. Because we’re part of the Commonwealth, almost anyone can obtain a working visa and head straight to the UK to live and work. Securing a two-year working visa, for example, is available for most professions, with possible options to extend.

3) Food

Food in the UK ticks all the boxes. Cheap street food, pub food, local markets, a huge range of cuisines from around the globe, traditional English meals and basically everything in between: you’ll be spoiled for choice when you move to the UK.

4) Opportunities for exploring

Living in New Zealand is awesome – we love this country – but when it comes experiencing cultures other than our own, or seeing new countries, we’re limited in choice. Living in the UK means that you can do some personal growth and visit a whole new country, even just for one day. The central location and affordable flights that come in and out of the UK every day means that you’re in the perfect place for travel. A few nights in Nice, a weekend in Warsaw, a daytrip to Denmark – anything’s possible.

5) Follow your dreams

Our final reason to move to the UK is because, sometimes, you have to take risks – calculated ones, which benefit you – and this is one of them. New Zealand Movers encourage people to follow their dreams, which is why it’s a pleasure for them to help Kiwi professionals and families pack and move their belongings to countries around the world, in the safest and most reliable way possible. NZ Movers have a strong focus on value, offering competitive quotes and the best service available. If you’re taking the next step towards a UK life, then contact the team at NZ Movers.

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